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Floating the river through Lava Hot Springs is an affordable way to add some heart-pounding adventure to a hot summer day with friends and family.

Gear Up With Portneuf Rapids Tubes

Gather up your adventurous, fun-loving friends and family and get outfitted with river tubes from Portneuf Rapids Tube Rental. Starting at $5, we’ve got singles, doubles, triples and quad-sized tubes. And life jackets are free with tube rental. Rent tubes by the HOUR, HALF-DAY or ALL DAY.

LARGE GROUP SPECIALISTS: Planning a group get together, youth conference, family reunion? We specialize in taking care of large groups coming to Lava Hot Springs lookin’ for some serious wild river tube-riding fun. Visit our Large Groups page and learn more about how we can help.

RENTAL RATES: See the complete table of rental rates, below. We’ll also sell you a 2-hour, half-day, or all-day pass to use the local tube-rider shuttle.

SEASONS AND HOURS: We’re open from Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend; 10:00 a.m. to Dark (last tube rental one hour before dark) Monday thru Saturday. Closed Sundays.

BE INFORMED: The key to an enjoyable and safe river ridin’ experience through Lava is the know-how you put between your ears. Please read the River Ridin’ FAQs below and then take a good look at the float map and get familiar with the various put-in points, the exit point, and the walking return path.

Easy to Find, Easy Return

Look for us right there at the west (speed slides) entrance into Lava Hot Springs: across the street from the Olympic swimming pool complex in the grassy area below the speed slides and parking.

—GPS: 42.620711, -112.012156

—Google Maps

FINISH LINE TUBE RETURN: Since we’re located right there at the bridge exit where all the tube riders come off the river, there’s no need to schlep your tube all the way back into town to turn it in. We’re right there at the finish line, ready to check-in your faithful tube-steed and wave you on your way.

Authentic Wild River Thrills

None of that tamed-out amusement park sissy water float ridin’ for you—you’re thinkin’ wild river; you’re thinkin’ a tube ride right down on the deck where it’s wet: just you, a beefy Portneuf Rapids river tube, and a ribbon of bucking snowmelt pounding its way through town. We rent you the tube, but the adrenaline rush is free!

SAY IT LIKE A LOCAL: Speaking of authentic: wondering how to pronounce PORTNEUF? Like this: port-nuff. As for the town name of Lava, the locals pronounce the first “a” short, like the “a” in have (so, not law), and the second “a” gets an uh sound.


At Portneuf Rapids Tube Rental, you don’t need a coupon to save money—we offer coupon rates everyday of the week!

(-15 ppl) 2 HOURS 1/2 DAY FULL DAY
SINGLE TUBE $5 $9 $13
DOUBLES TUBE $10 $18 $26
TRIPLES TUBE $15 $27 $39
QUAD TUBE $20 $36 $52
GROUP RATES (Monday – Friday)
(15+ ppl) 2 HOURS 1/2 DAY FULL DAY
SINGLE TUBE $5 $8 $12
DOUBLES TUBE $10 $16 $24
TRIPLES TUBE $15 $24 $36
QUAD TUBE $20 $32 $48
SHUTTLE (per Person)
$5 $8 $12


Am I required to wear a life jacket to float the river? We strongly recommend that everyone tubing the river wear a life jacket. We provide them free with your rental. Remember, this is a natural river: Tube at your own risk!

Where do we enter the river to float and where to we exit the river? We have provided a map that shows the best places to put in and the exit: view and download a PDF of that map. There is a tuber’s path clearly shown on the map that begins by our tube rental and provides a short cut back to the put-in spots up river. It’s about 3 1/2 blocks to walk to the top. EXIT THE RIVER: the photos (left or below) show what the exit stairs look like. You’ll see them to the right immediately after you cross under the last steel footbridge before the main concrete vehicle bridge leading into town.

What should I wear while tubing the river in Lava Hot Springs? We recommend that you wear closed-toe shoes or water shoes—not flip flops (you’ll lose those)! Protect your feet. Also, pants, shirt, & life jacket. Remove loose items (like keys) from your pockets.

Do I need to leave security while renting your tubes? Yes! You leave an I.D. while you’ve got the tube. One person can leave an I.D. for the group.

What about tubing with children? How old do you have to be to float the river? Floating the river for children is a parental decision. This is not a lazy amusement-park river. There are sections of rapids (depending on where you put in) and plenty of rocks, including abrasive lava rocks. • 1 • We strongly recommend parents float the river first before allowing their children on the river. • 2 • We also recommend that younger children ride on the big, multi-person tubes with an adult or older children, as those larger tubes are much more stable. The big quads are the most stable. • 3 • You can also choose the lower put-in spot by the main footbridge (see map) at West Park and float only the calmest section of the river.

Is it safe to tube this river? The Portneuf is a natural river. A few safety tips: • 1 • You’re much less likely to be bucked off your tube and into the river if you ride on the larger, multi-person tubes. • 2 • Avoid the wilder sections of the river by choosing the lower put-in points (shown on our Lava float map). The highest put-in point is up above a little waterfall that wrecks a lot of inexperienced—and experienced—tubers. Going over the falls can be dangerous! Best to put in the river from the floating platform just below the falls. Yes, there are lava rocks in the river bed. They are abrasive, so make every effort, as detailed above, to stay on your tube. • 3 • Protect your feet. See float map for details; download the map and bring it with you.

What if I keep tubing the river beyond the exit point? The exit point is right before the bridge into town (see map). Beyond that, the river gets slow and runs through private property with limited pedestrian access to exit the river and get back to town. We ask that you exit at the designated location!

Is there a shuttle service back up river? There is a shuttle that picks up at the exit point (see rate schedule above). Keep in mind: the walk back is only 3 1/2 to 5 blocks, depending on where you put in.

How long does it take to make run? You can get 1 to 2 runs in an hour, depending on how fast you are getting back up river.

What is the name of the river in Lava Hot Springs & where does it come from? You’ll be tubing on a stretch of the Portneuf (port-nuff) River as it flows through town. It comes through Chesterfield reservoir 24 miles north and also receives water from Topance Creek, Pebble Creek, and Fish Creek.

Is that river in Lava Hot Springs heated? Several hot springs drain into the river as it winds through town, but it is still a bit chilly! A float in the river is wonderfully refreshing on a hot day!

Does the river at Lava Hot Springs go in a circle? No.

Where do I find the public restrooms? Located a block south of the tubing exit, across the bridge into town, in the middle of that first block in a little park, set back off main street. Restrooms are marked with a red square on the float map.

Is there a Tubing Season? We’re renting tubes from Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend. (We close Sundays.)


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FIND US: We're located in the fork of the Y at the west entrance to town, right across from the Olympic Pool and Speed Slides Complex.

Seasons and Hours

Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend; 10:00 a.m. to Dark (last tube rental one hour before dark) Monday thru Saturday. Closed Sundays.

Float Map

Download our float map that shows the places to put in the river, where to exit the river, and the return path to do it all again.

link to float map